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[Montreal] St. Viateur Bagel

Other than Montreal-style smoked meat, Montreal is also famous for its scrumptious bagels. Montreal-style bagel are different from the New York-style bagels based on its method of preparation. The dough for Montreal-style bagels is handmade, contains no salt, and is boiled in honey-sweetened water prior to being baked in a wood-fired oven.

The two most famous bagel shops in Montreal are St. Viateur and Fairmount Bagel. We visited St. Viateur’s flagship bakery on St-Viateur West first.


The flagship bakery runs 24/7 and only sells three flavours of bagel: poppyseed, sesame, and… another flavour that I cannot recall.

All the bagels are hand-rolled and contain no preservatives. We could actually see the bagels being made on the side and some raw bagels waiting to be baked.

All the bagels are baked in the wood-fired oven to give them the unique flavour and then cooled down on the big bagel slide. :)



We bought 2 dozens of bagels – poppy seed and sesame. I have to say that there is quite a bit of cross-contamination of seeds. I had to be pretty careful when I was having the sesame bagel and tried to pick out the poppy seeds which I am allergic to…


The bagels are absolutely amazing – they were still warm and the dough was chewy, slightly sweet, and full of the fragrant sesame aroma. We had the bagels plain without any cream cheese and they were delicious.


We also visited the St. Viateur Bagel Cafe this summer, where one can sit down and enjoy sandwiches made from freshly baked bagels.


The cafe has the same wood-fired oven to bake the bagels in, but there are a lot of choices for bagel flavours.


My mom and I both had the BLT sesame bagel with bacon, lettuce, tomato, and mayo. The crisp sweet lettuce and tomato tasted great with the savoury smoked bacon. However, the bagel did not taste as “fresh” as the ones we purchased from the bakery. Maybe it was because it had been toasted? The meals also came with a bowl of fruit salad.


Charles had the smoked meat sesame bagel. He said the smoked meat was no Schwartz’s but still quite tasty.


Andy had the traditional multi-grain bagel with smoked salmon, cream cheese, tomato, onion, capers, and lemon. He said the combination was quite good!


The bagel sandwiches were tasty but very overpriced – our breakfast came to be close to $50 and we only order 4 breakfast bagels! I’d say if you really want to enjoy St. Viateur’s bagels, avoid the cafe and go to a bakery to purchase some freshly baked bagels for a fraction of the price. Enjoy them plain for its original flavours while they are still warm, or have them with some cream cheese, which are available and sold separately in the bakeries. These bagels are no doubt very wholesome and delicious. We freeze them once we get home and they taste almost as good once thawed and toasted. :p

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