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[Montreal] Leméac

Montreal is the city to go if you are looking to try some traditional French cuisine. During our visit this summer, we visited a few places and we enjoyed our meal the most at Leméac.

The interior of this Montreal bistro was gorgeous. Large windows let in beautiful sunlight at lunch time, tables covered with pressed white linen cloth, and the atmosphere was light and cheery.



Our meal started with warm grilled baguette – crusty and crunchy on the outside, slightly chewy on the inside. It tasted wonderful with the homemade peach jam and butter. The peach jam had a good balance of tart and sweet. I could eat a whole loaf of bread with it!


Andy ordered the duck leg confit with roasted fingerling potatoes and salad. The duck was well-seasoned and tasted great. He was very happy with his choice.


Charles had their weekend brunch with 2 poached eggs, sausages, bacon, fingerling potatoes, pork and duck beans. The sausage had a nice smoky flavour and was quite tasty. He also really enjoyed the pork and duck beans.


I wasn’t very hungry so I opted for an appetizer as my main. I had the escargots, portobello mushroom and tomato ragout in a basil butter sauce. The escargot was cooked and seasoned nicely without turning it rubbery. The basil butter was sublime – fragrant, buttery, and sweet. It complimented the portobello mushroom and tomato ragout so well. This was a solid dish with depths of flavours and I enjoyed it thoroughly!


My mom also had an appetizer as her main. She went for the grilled calamari and zucchini in a lemon and balsamic vinaigrette. There were two full piece of squid in this dish (judging by the tentacles), which was pretty generous in portion. The calamari was grilled to perfection and each bite was very tender. The zucchini was very sweet. The lemon and balsamic vinaigrette was zesty and syrupy, which elevated the flavours of the calamari and zucchini.


Our brunch at Leméac was fantastic. We were all happy with our choices. This is definitely the restaurant to go to if you are looking for a place with great atmosphere, solid, well-executed, and tasty food, friendly and excellent service, and realistically priced menu. I can’t wait to go back!

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