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[Halifax] Fujiyama

On our last day in Halifax, also the last day of our Maritimes trip, we spent the morning exploring the Halifax Citadel. I timed our visit so that we got to observe the changing of guards before we joined a guided tour to visit the barracks and guard room. Then we headed to the parade ground to watch re-enactors practicing their drills in their kilts and tall feather bonnets. We ended our visit at noon when the Noon Gun was fired, leaving our ears ringing and heart pounding for a good couple minutes!

When we left the Citadel, everyone was hungry and couldn’t decide what to have for lunch. Andy and I would be happy to go back to Dharma Sushi, but Charles’ parents wanted to try something new. We ended up having Japanese food again at Fujiyama.


The menu at Fujiyama was a bit more extensive compared to Dharma. We were the only diners in the restaurant, which I always perceived as a bad sign, especially on the weekend!


Charles’ parents and my mom decided to order the sushi boat for 3 to share. The boat came with 15 pieces of nigiri, 22 pieces of sashimi, spicy tuna roll, spider roll, and shrimp tempura roll. The presentation of the boat was nice and appetizing. All the fish tasted fresh, but the taste and the texture of the sushi rice was inadequate compared to Dharma.


Other than the sushi boat, I also ordered the Hawaiian roll because it sounded quite delicious. It contained shrimp tempura and spicy salmon on the inside, and topped with thin slices of mango and crunchy almond, which we requested the restaurant to omit due to my allergies. Somehow we still ended up with one roll sprinkled with toasted almond on top and the restaurant had to make another one for us. The sweet tangy mango and the contrasting taste of the spicy salmon made the roll quite flavourful. We all really enjoyed it.


Charles, Andy, and I ordered their lunch specials. The main course came with rice, and soup or salad. I was not very impressed that we had to choose between soup or salad. Don’t most Japanese restaurants provide a meal with all three?!

Andy had the salmon and beef teriyaki meal.


Charles had the chicken and beef teriyaki meal. For both meals, the meat/fish was REALLY bland. It did not taste seasoned at all and the teriyaki sauce was a bit too watery and flavourless as well.


I had the shrimp tempura meal, which came with 4 or 5 pieces of shrimp tempura. The tempura batter was nice and flaky, but not too special otherwise.


Our lunch at Fujiyama certainly did not meet our expectation. While the sushi and fish tasted decent and the price was quite good, the preparation and flavour was not comparable to what we experienced at Dharma the night before. The lunch special was quite disappointing due to its portion size and taste. It was almost overpriced considering the lack of sides with the meal. Service was also a bit slow.

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