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[Riverdale] Table 17

Charles and I ventured out to Riverdale one weekend because we bought a TravelZoo deal for dinner at Table 17. For some odd reason we’ve never really explored this part of the city and this dinner provided us with the perfect opportunity to walk along Queen St East to take in this charming neighbourhood.

Table 17 is a relatively small bistro serving food made from seasonal and local ingredients. The interior of the restaurant was rustic, cozy, and inviting.



It looks like the menu changes on the daily basis, based on what’s available and fresh for the day. The menu for our dinner was slightly different from the one advertised on the website. Our $45 dinner voucher included 1 shared appetizer, 2 mains, and 2 desserts.


For our appetizer, we decided to go for the hot balls. The hot balls came in three different flavours. Two of them (the Arancino) fried risotto balls coated with breadcrumbs, one stuffed with mushroom and fontina cheese, and the other one with spiced lamb. The third kind was goat cheese with wildflower honey. The hot balls were fried to a perfect golden brown and came with three different sauces that I could not recall… I actually don’t remember using the sauce much because the hot balls themselves were quite flavourful. My favourite hot balls were the ones with spiced lamb. The lamb was very aromatic with all the spices. The hot balls with mushroom and fontina wasn’t bad either – the creamy fontina cheese went well with the earthy aroma of the mushroom. The goat cheese hot balls were not too special though.


For my main, I had seared scallops with truffled leek and potato chowder and Little Neck clams. The scallops were fresh, sweet, and seared perfectly. The portion was small but surprisingly filling, probably because the chowder was quite hearty, with chunks of potato and leek in it. The chowder was very creamy and smooth, but I wish there were more Little Neck clams as they were quite tender and tasty.


Charles chose the braised pork shoulder for his main. The pork belly was braised and served in its own jus and some vegetables. It also came with a piece of pork rind, fried to a very satisfying crunch, which he really enjoyed. The pork shoulder was tender and moist, but nothing too extraordinary. I have to say the pork we had at the Purple Pig in Chicago was by far the best and most succulent pork we’ve had.


For dessert, I had the rosemary and vanilla panna cotta  with wildflower honey. The panna cotta was to die for – velvety, creamy, and so fragrant from the vanilla bean and wildflower honey. I thoroughly enjoyed every bite of this!


Charles had the sticky toffee pudding with apple butter and caramel rum sauce. The toffee pudding was very moist and the caramel rum sauce added a nice sweetness to it. However, there was nothing too memorable about the pudding…


Overall, our dinner at Table 17 was very enjoyable. Service was quick but still welcoming. The dining environment was cozy and comfortable. Although the food was not top-notch, it was still quite delicious and presented well. If another TravelZoo deal becomes available, I probably would not hesitate to purchase another dinner. I just would not pay the full price tag for what the restaurant has to offer.

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