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[Chicago] Giordano’s Pizzeria

One of the things Charles and I were really looking forward to in Chicago, was the famous Chicago-style pizza. According to Wikipedia, there are two types of Chicago-style pizza: Deep-dish and stuffed. The deep-dish pizza was invented by Pizzeria Uno. The dough of deep-dish pizza is pressed up onto the sides of the pan, forming a bowl for a very thick layer of topping, with the sauce on the top before it is baked in a pan.

On the other hand, the stuffed pizzas apparently has much deeper topping density than any other type of pizza. Similar to deep-dish pizza, a deep layer of dough forms a bowl in a high-sided pan and the toppings and cheese are added. The difference between the two types is that a stuffed pizza has an additional layer of dough on top of the toppings before pizza sauce is ladled over the top crust. Two pizza chains, Nancy’s Pizza and Giordano’s Pizzeria, popularized this dish. We ended up going to Giordano’s because there was a restaurant just 5 minutes away from our hotel.


It was incredibly busy when we walked into Giordano’s. We opted for the take-out option, thinking it would reduce our wait time and we could enjoy the pizza comfortably in our hotel bed. It turned out that we were wrong! The wait time for our stuffed pizza was one-hour long!


After a very… very… very… long wait in a very… very… very… hot restaurant, we finally got our pizza and ready to head back to our hotel. It was honestly the heaviest pizza we have ever carried in our hands!!


We chose the Chicago classic pizza stuffed with pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers & onions.


The pizza smelled amazing and looked… SO HUGE! It was about an inch in thickness and quite intimidating to bite into.

The pizza turned out to be a bit disappointing. The crust was very different from the bread-like crust we are used to. Rather, the crust was more like a pastry shell – flaky, buttery, and slightly too greasy for our taste buds. The layer of melted cheese was so thick and made the pizza too dense and heavy…


Overall, the pizza tasted good, especially the first couple bites. After that, the buttery taste of the crust and the thick layer of cheese just became too much! We could not really finish the pizza and sort of did not want to. As you can see in the picture below, the bottom layer of the crust was just as thick of the toppings layer. There was too much dough for anyone to digest.


We were glad to say that we finally tried the famous Chicago-style stuffed pizza, but it is not going to be our list of things to eat when we visit Chicago again in the future…

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