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[Yorkville] Caffe di Portici

November 17, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

My friend Becky and I were watching a show at Panasonic Theatre this Friday and Becky mentioned that she felt like Italian for dinner. I found Caffe di Portici on Urbanspoon and thought it would be a great alternative from typical “upscale” restaurants in Yorkville.

Just a stone’s throw away from the busy intersection of Yonge & Bloor, Caffe di Portici is hidden gem in the Yorkville area. The interior is simple, modern, brightly lit, and very cozy. The staffs were very friendly and welcoming.

We ordered the bolognese lasagna from their special menu and a pizza from the regular menu.

The lasagna was served with salad and bread. The cheese on top of the lasagna was bubbling when the plate arrived at our table. The bolognese sauce was very hearty and had tons of flavour. It was meaty , but also had some diced carrots and peas in it. The lasagna did not seem to contain ricotta cheese but used Bechamel sauce instead. The Bechamel sauce was definitely different and added a unique, rich creaminess to the lasagna. It was very tasty. The salad was tossed in olive oil and balsamic vinegar. The simplicity of the salad balanced out the rich lasagna nicely.

We ordered a pizza with shaved Parmigiano-Reggiano, prosciutto, and baby arugula. The pizza was hand stretched really thin and baked till the crust was crispy. There was a generous amount of prosciutto and baby arugula on the pizza. The flavours and textures of the toppings mixed perfectly together: rich, salty prosciutto, creamy parmigiano cheese, and crisp, peppery arugula. Every bite is heavenly! I just wish there was a bit more shaved parmigiano cheese.

We ended our dinner by sharing a slice of white chocolate raspberry cheesecakefrom the Cheesecake Factory. The cheesecake was very creamy and fluffy, with white chocolate chunks and raspberry swirls mixed in the batter. It was delicious. 

We both also ordered coffee. Becky had their regular coffee (Caffe Classico Portici) and I went for the caffe latte. Both of our coffee came with a small shortbread cookie. We thought it was a nice touch. :) My latte was very rich and aromatic and I really enjoyed it. I was not pleased when the bill came and I saw I was charged and given a large latte instead of a regular latte though…

Our dinner at Caffe di Portici was delightful. The food and coffee brought me back to Italy! The price was very reasonable for the authentic and fantastic food and coffee, relaxing atmosphere, and friendly staff. I will for sure come back to this place when I am in the area!

Caffe di Portici on Urbanspoon

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