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[Entertainment District] Trimurti Indian Cuisine

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I was attending a conference downtown a few weeks ago and I was able to meet up with my brother, Andy, for lunch buffet at Trimurti Indian Cuisine.

Nestled in between many other Indian restaurants on Queen Street, Andy said he picked Trimurti because the window displayed more awards compare to any other establishment. I’d say that’s pretty good advertisement. :)

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The lunch buffet offers a great variety of food, from salad, soup, rice, to a nice selection of hot dishes.

Andy and I both loved the deep fried fish. The fish was seasoned, bread, and then fried. The fish was very moist, flakey, and very flavourful. The fish seemed to be a popular dish and the kitchen was busy replenishing the supply.

The chicken biryani was very tasty and full of aromatic spice flavour.

The butter chicken was delicious. It was fragrant, smooth, sweet, and buttery. I was happy that Trimurti uses chicken thighs rather than chicken breast in most of their chicken dishes. The tender juicy chicken melt in your mouth and went well with basmati rice.

The samosas were quite disappointing though. While the filling was tasty and moist, the texture of the pastry was over fried and way too crunchy. Same comment applies to the chicken pakora. It was so dry that I could hardly notice I was eating chicken…

The naan was amazing. Baked in the tandoori clay oven, the naan was light, crisp, and fluffy.

The tandoori chicken was well marinated and juicy but I thought it was a little bland.

My favourite dish was the mutton curry. The mutton was falling off the bone tender and did not have a strong gamy smell/taste. The curry was mouthwatering, flavourful, and had a nice spiciness to it.

Overall, I thought the lunch buffet at Trimurti was great. I don’t know Indian food very well to judge whether it was authentic or not, but the food was definitely very tasty. The selection and overall quality of food was well worth the $11.95.

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