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[North York] Auberge du Pommier

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As part of the Oliver & Bonacini restaurants, Auberge du Pommier serves some simply elegant and delicious French cuisine in the Yonge & York Mills area.

Somehow I never managed to visit Auberge in the summer. The outdoor space of Auberge is absolutely charming. Blooming flowers, white picket fence, and green foliage, contrasted the white cottage beautifully.

Photo source: Auberge

Renovated from two 1860’s woodcutters cottages, Auberge presents itself with warm and inviting ambience, complete with stone walls and fireplaces to add some rustic charm to the dining space.


During our most recent visit, the restaurant was decorated with a autumn harvest theme.

We started our dinner with some olives. I am never a big fan of them and was happy when a waiter showed up with a tray of assorted bread. The bread was served with farmer’s cheese, honey, and ground black pepper. Charles and I both loved the apple bread. The honey enhanced the natural sweetness of the apple and the soft, crumbly farmer’s cheese added a subtle creaminess to the bread.

I started with the Biseque de Potiron & Crustaces, kabocha squash & lobster bisque with spiced coconut. I wasn’t able to capture a photograph of how the bisque was presented and served. Basically, the garnish (lobster, sweet onion confit, and coconut cream) came in the soup dish, while the bisque came in a separate “tea pot” looking thing, then poured into the soup dish. The bisque tasted fantastic. Concentrated with lobster sweetness and the coconut cream added a rich creamy taste to it. It was a very satisfying appetizer for me.

Charles went with the Cuisse de Grenouille, tempura frog legs. The frog legs were very lightly battered and fried till the batter was crisp and the meat was tender and juicy. The frog legs were seasoned nicely and were so succulent. We both thoroughly enjoyed this delicate and tasty appetizer.

I had the Agneau, lamb confit with sausage croquette. The lamb was amazing. Falling off the bone tender, juicy, and perfectly seasoned. The sausage croquette was fried until crisp and golden, while the meat inside still retained all the juice and flavour. I could eat those croquette all day! The braised romaine had a nice smokiness to it and yet added some refreshing taste to this dish. I could care less for the white anchovy in this dish and found the taste a bit too intrusive and did not blend in with anything else on the plate.

Charles’s main was the Porc,  peach-glazed pork chop and gratin of macaroni & cheese.

The macaroni was very creamy and cheesy. Charles and I both really loved it.

The pork chop was cooked to a nice medium, with a slightly pink centre. We couldn’t really taste the peach flavour, but every bite of the pork was very tender and flavourful. It was a tasty dish, but did not “wow” us as much as everything else.

We could not agree on what dessert to order. Charles wanted the mascarpone cheesecake and I wanted the lemon souffle. In the end, we decided to go with the Croustade aux Peche, Ontario peach crisp. The sweet and crunchy streusel topping, tangy sweet peach, pear, and apple, and creamy vanilla ice cream made this the perfect autumn dessert. Charles was not a fan of the candied ginger but I thought it added a spicy bite to this simple and rustic dessert. It was a nice way to end my birthday dinner.

Our dinner ended with some complimentary mango… dessert. It had a rich mango flavour but was wayyyyy too sweet.

Auberge never disappoints us. Impeccable service, knowledge staff, delicious contemporary French food, and cozy and inviting ambience make Auberge the ideal place to celebrate any special occasion.

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