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[Downtown UofT] Sansotei Ramen

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Sansotei Ramen is a new hot spot on Dundas St. for a steamy bowl of traditional Japanese ramen with smooth savoury soup. Just steps away from Kenzo Ramen on the same street, Sansotei Ramen seems to be doing quite well. It is common to see diners waiting in line outside of the regular meal hours. If you arrive too late, you may not be able to try the delicious ramen because they are often sold out by dinner!

We arrived at 3pm on a rainy day (perfect day for ramen!) and we still had to wait for about 10 minutes before we were seated.

The decor is simple and modern. We sat in front of the window facing Dunas St., with curious passerbys peeking in to see what we were eating.

We ordered one bowl of tonkatsu ramen ($9.25), one bowl of tonkatsu shoyu ramen ($8.90), and one serving of gyoza ($4.50).

The service was speedy and curtious. Our ramen was served shortly after we ordered.

The tonkatsu ramen comes with a soft-boiled egg, “wood ear” fungus, green onion, and pork belly (chashu). The soup was rich, creamy, and smooth, with a nicely balanced umami taste.

The tonkatsu shoyu ramencomes with a with soft-boiled egg, bamboo, green onion, and pork belly. The tonkatsu shoyu broth was rich with umami taste and it wasn’t over salted.

The egg was soft-boiled to perfection and yolk was so creamy and silky. The pork belly had a nice distribution of fat and meat and it was melt-in-your-mouth tender. Each slice of the pork belly was slightly browned to add a nice caramelized flavour to it.

We thoroughly savoured every spoonful of soup till the last drop.

The only part we did not enjoy was the ramen noodles. The noodles were slightly overcooked and tasted really starchy. We both prefer our noodles to be al dente like the ones from Kinton Ramen and sadly, the ramen  from Sansotei was subpar and did not meet our expectation.

The gyoza was pretty good, but nothing exceptional. Four pieces of gyoza for $4.50 was also a little over priced.

Overall, the ramen from Sansotei was very enjoyable. Rich savoury broth, silky smooth soft-boiled egg, and succulent pork belly made the ramen quite irresistible. The only downside was the starchy, slightly soggy ramen noodles.

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