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[Richmond Hill] Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine

According to BlogTO, Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine one of the northernmost Dim Sum restaruants in GTA. It is the closest dim sum restaurants to us after we moved to Aurora.

Situated in a small plaza near Major Mackenzie Drive & Bayview Avenue, the outside of Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine did not look appealing at all. The windows were all papered up to conceal the interior of the restaurant. We actually thought that the restuarant was closed the first time we visited. The interior of the restaurant was surprisingly modern, with beautiful linear chandelier across the restaurant. Completely devoid of the stereotypical cart service, all the tables had crisp white table linen and nice cutlery, this was definitely a step up from our usual dim sum restaurant in Scarborough.

Photo credit: Yelp.ca

Everything at Yang’s is made to order. This ensures that every dish is hot when it is served. The food was much pricier,  unfortunately. Each dim sum dish is categorized into small ($3), medium ($4), or large size ($5).

The shrimps & Pork Shiu Mai was delicious. It was so succulent and packed with little pieces of bouncy shrimps.

The steamed rice noodle roll with jump shrimps was to die for. The rice roll was smooth and silky. The jumbo shrimps were so sweet. The rice noodle roll was served on a bed of crisp Yu Choy.

The steamed spare ribs with black bean sauce was amazing. The ribs were well marinated and flavourful. They were steamed perfectly to retain the juices and nice meaty texture.

The steamed BBQ pork bun with abalone sauce was decent. We could not taste the abalone sauce but the bun was so fluffy and soft. The BBQ pork had a nice sweet tangy flavour.

The steamed chicken feet was done nicely. The peking sauce was sweet and savoury and the chicken feet had a good chewy texture and not too mushy.

The pan fried turnip cake with diced preserved meat was awesome. The turnip cake was filled with shredded turnip and little pieces of meat. It was pan fried to a satisfying crisp on the outside while the inside was moist.

The beef tendon in House Au Jus was pretty good. The portion was really generous and each piece of tendon was huge! The tendon was not too mushy and still had a nice bite to it. The sweet sauce also made this a solid dish.

The rice noodle roll with deep fried dough was awesome. The combination of the silky smooth rice roll with crispy fried dough was fantastic. This is always one of our favourite dishes at dim sum, but we don’t always end up having it because it is often sold out by the time the service cart makes its way to our table. It is great that everything can be ordered at Yang’s!

Another favourite of ours: Deep fried meat dumpling. These dumplings were fried to a lovely golden brown and crisp, while the inside was sticky, gooey, and full of juicy minced meat.

The portion of the pig stomach with preserved vegetables was huge! There was so much pig stomach and preserved veggies. The pig stomatch was tender and juicy, but not fatty. The preserved veggies added a nice tang to the sweet soup the pork was steamed in. This was a very solid dish!

The squid tentacles was another well executed dish. Each tentacle was marinated and lightly fried to make the outside slightly crispy. Each bite was flavourful and not a single tentacle was overcooked. It was absolutely delicious.

The deep fried minced pork & taro puffs are Charles’ favourite. The puffs were crispy and flakey as they should be. The taro and pork were both very moist and the proportion of these two ingredients was very balanced to create the sweet and savoury flavour.

The dim sum at Yang’s Fine Chinese Cuisine is very well prepared. The quality and the taste of food is excellent. I’ve been back there a few more times and I was never disappointed. This is now our go-to restaurant whenever we crave for some delicious dim sum!

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