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[Richmond Hill] Bayview Court

It is quite challenging to find authentic Chinese food north of Richmond Hill. Bayview Court is one of the closest Chinese restaurants we have access to. After being so used to the food from Congee Wong, we couldn’t help but compare everything we had at Bayview Court with Congee Wong.  

Same as Congee Wong, Bayview Court specializes in “Teochew” or “Chiu Chow” cuisine (潮州菜), originated from the Chaoshan region in the north-easternmost area of Guangdong province in China. The menu resembles the one from Congee Wong and offers a huge selection of dishes.

The decor of Bayview Court is quite unique. The upper balcony looks really cute with all the signs.

The marinated duck was very tasty. It was marinated well to have a nice balance of sweetness and savoury. The meat very moist and tender.

The stir fried clams with perserved veggies and black beans was delicious. It was seasoned aggressively with garlic and spices to compliment the clams and it was so flavourful.

The stir fried green beans with minced pork and olives was tasty. The green beans was fried perfectly to retain the nice green colour and crunch. It was slightly greasy though. I think I prefer the same dish from Congee Wong better.

This is the house special seafood fried rice with garlic. There was an abundance of shrimps and scallops in the rice. Portion size was not as good as Congee Wong, but the flavour was comparable.

The Singapore style fried turnip cakes was very disappointing. There was a slight hint of curry but lacked flavour otherwise. Some pieces were fried nicely to have a little crisp on the outside though. We all prefered the same dish from Congee Wong much more.

 The deep fried turnip cake with spicy sauce was the same story. The turnip cakes were surpringly soggy and lacked flavour.

The house special congee was okay. It did not contain as much seafood ingredients as Congee Wong…

The stir fry pork slices with mushrooms and green onions was really good. The sauce was sweet and tangy, and the pork was very tender and well marinated.

The sweet and sour pork was pretty good as well. Lightly tossed in the sweet and sour sauce, each piece was still crispy on the outside and the big chunks of pork was moist and tender.

The stir fry pork intestine was awesome! The picture does not do justice for this dish. It was full of tender juicy flavourful intestine.

The stir fry pork neck slices with snow peas, lotus root, and spicy XO sauce was fantastic. The pork was marinated and succulent. The lotus root, celery, and snow peas still retained their sweet flavour and crunch. This was one of my favourite dishes of that night.

 The food at Bayview Court is decent and the price is fair. It may not be as good as Congee Wong overall, but some dishes were quite excellent. We would definitely go back when we have cravings for ChiuChow food.

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