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[Cape Breton] Keltic Lodge Resort & Spa

Located in Ingonish, Cape Breton, Keltic Lodge Resort & Spa  perches high on a headland overlooking the breathtaking Atlantic Ocean coastline.

We stopped by at Keltic Lodge for lunch during our exploration of Cabot Trail. It was before peak season and the property was quiet and peaceful.

Only the Highland Sitting Room was open at the time. This dining room was gorgeous and the atmosphere was relaxing. The Highland Sitting Room offers seafood-inspired, light pub fare menu.

Photo credit: Keltic Lodge

I ordered the fresh Atlantic lobster roll sliders for everyone to share. The fresh Atlantic lobster was tossed in some light mayo with diced celery and onion,  topped with fresh arugula, served on warm toasted brioche mini buns, with some housemade aioli sauce on the side. These delicate mini sliders were to die for. The presentation was so elegant and appetizing. The brioche mini buns were buttery and crumbly. The lobster was fresh and sweet. The arugula added some earthy taste to the lobster sliders.

Charles’ mom ordered the Cape North steamed mussels steamed in a coconut and red curry broth. Somehow I forgot to photograph this dish but she raved about these steamed mussels for the rest of the trip. The cocnut and red curry broth added creamy sweetness and a little heat to the sweet mussels. It was very flavourful and unique.

I ordered the Ingonish Beach chowder for myself. This chowder was the best seafood chowder I’ve ever had. I should mention that the seafood chowder we had in the Maritimes was very different from the New England style clam chowder we were all used to. The New England style clam chowder is a lot creamier and thicker, because of the potato and cream used in the broth. The Maritimes seafood chowder incorporates a wide variety of seafood ingredients to create a sweet, briny, and rich soup.

The chowder at Keltic Lodge was full of little clams, chunks of flakey haddock, shrimps, mussels, and two big pieces of grilled scallops. The light creamy broth had a nice balance of seafood sweet and briny taste. It was so good that I almost did not want to share it with anyone!

The rest of the crowd all ordered the signature fish and chips. The fresh haddock was lightly seasoned with dill, and then fried in a crisp beer batter to a beautiful golden brown. The fish was sweet, flakey, and so moist.

Our lunch at the Keltic Lodge was very enjoyable. The ambiance of the dining room and the service was remarkable. The breathtaking view overlooking the vibrant Atlantic Ocean and the fresh seafood served makes the Keltic Lodge the perfect rest point for anyone exploring Cape Breton.

Highland Sitting Room - Keltic Lodge on Urbanspoon

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