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[North Toronto] CopaCabana

CopaCabana Brazilian SteaHouse is a Brazilian style steakhouse serving all-you-can-eat (AYCE) Angus-grade, mouthwatering meat. Everything is aged and marinated onsite and cooked to perfection in traditional “Gaucho” fashion over charcoal.

I’ve always wanted to try Brazilian style steak and was very excited to finally visit CopaCabana with Charles’ family. We arrived at CopaCabana on a Sunday evening and were immediately surrounded by sweet, smokey BBQ smell. Live Jazz music was also playing in the front of the restaurant, making this setting so chilled and relaxing.

Once we were all seated, our server explained how things work at CopaCabana. We were given these cards listing all the meats served at CopaCabana. One side of the card says “Fire it on” (or something to that effect…) and the other side says “Cool it down.” Whe the “fire” side is facing up, meats will be brought to our table continuously, until we flip the card over to the “Cool” side to signal that we are done.

We were all very excited for the meat to come out, but we quickly went by the salad and hot food station to take a look. There was a wide selection of cold and hot food. I particularly enjoyed a cold pasta salad infused with basil. It was so fragrant and tasty!

My other favourite was the cassava fries! Cassava is a root vegetable in the tropics. These fries were fried to a very satisfying crisp while the inside was smooth and slightly creamy.


Most of the meats at CopaCabana are skewered. Servers walk around the restaurant with these huge skewered meat and giant shiny sharp knives. When they come by the table, they will tell you what the meat is. If you would like to try the meat, it is then carved right in front of you.

My favourite meat was the sirloin steak. Grilled to a gorgeous char and crisp on the outside, the meat is cooked to a perfect medium rare to retain all the juices and flavour. It was very slightly seasoned so the natural beef taste was still there.

The lamb chops were pretty amazing as well. It was very juicy and tender.

Charles’ favourite was the dry rub steak with sweet BBQ sauce. The sweet smokey flavour is irresitable.

Charles’ parents also really liked the cheese stuffed prime rib. The meat was tender with creamy cheese oozing out.  

We waited forever for these garlic shrimps, but they unfortunately fell short of expectations. They were a bit dry and over salted.

Charles and Andrew loved these ribs. They were really well marinated. Each bite was full of flavour and the meat was falling off the bone tender.

Other than all the meat, the restuarant was also constantly baking yummy goodies and serving them to diners while they were still hot. These cornbread was the best cornbread I’ve ever had. It was warm, crumbly, moist, and buttery. Charles’ mom had two of these!

This is a cheese ball… bread…thing. It was crusty on the outside, and slightly chewy on the inside. Each bite tasted like smokey cheddar and was very satisfying.

Our dinner at CopaCabana was fantastic. It was a pricey dinner ($37.99) but totally worth every penny. Endless good-quality meat grilled to perfection, this is truly a meat lover’s paradise. We all really enjoyed the food and will for sure return for more.

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