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[Boston] The Paramount

Established in 1937, The Paramount restaurant has been serving three meals a day to locals and tourists in Beacon Hill, within steps from Boston Common.

We stopped by The Paramount for breakfast before we started walking the Freedom Trail, and were surprised to see the restaurant packed with people. The line stretched out of the door and we nearly decided not to go in. As soon as we entered the restaurant, it all made sense! The Paramount has a special seating policy that dictates patrons to order and pay BEFORE being seated. This ensures that all customers would have a table when needed, and it was true!

We waited very patiently in line, reading the menu and observing what others were eating. The interior of the restaurant was brightly lit and had a very energetic vibe.

Everything on the menu looked amazing and the price was decent.

Everything was cooked to order so each person gets exactly what he/she wants. I think it was totally worth the wait instead of having cold soggy bacon or stale bread.

All the wait made me indecisive on what to have. Every time I saw a person walking by with his/her food, I immediately changed my decision made 5 seconds ago. Everything just looked so delicious! Pancakes seemed to be one of the most popular choices. They were ginormous and looked so fluffy and decadent. Omelettes and eggs were also quite popular among diners. They are served with home fries and toast or tortilla. There was a huge pile of home fries sizzling on their giant grill and it looked absolutely irresistible. I think I eventually decided to have an omelette because I wanted the home fries so bad.

Charles got egg, cheese, and sausage sandwich with a side of apple wood smoked bacon. The bacon had a nice smokey flavour and was really crispy. I don’t remember how the sausages tasted but Charles was quite happy with his order.

I ended up having an omelette with bacon and cheese and was very happy with my final decision. The omelette was cooked perfectly. It was still moist but not runny. The home fries was divine! I am not a huge potato fan (only love it in fries and chips mode!) but I gobbled everything up. The Paramount uses red skin potato with the peel on. The peel added some nice earthy flavour and made the potato extra crispy.

We were both very satisfied with our breakfast. We were amazed how well their unusual seating policy works. It was effortless to find a table once we got our food. Food was great and it was worth the long queue for breakfast. I would definitely recommend this place for breakfast for those visiting Boston!

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