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[Boston] Legal Sea Foods

In the search of the best clam chowder in Boston, we visited many, many seafood restaurants in a short span of 4 days. On our last day in Boston, we actually had TWO lunch, just so that we could sample more clam chowder…

I am always a little hesitant when trying a chain restaurant. I usually find the food generic and quality mediocre. Legal Sea Foods started on in 1950 as a fish market and slowly expanded into a restaurant company, with restaurants in 10 States. It is quite impressive!

We went to the Long Wharf location after our harbour cruise.

The restaurant displayed lots of seafood: clams, oysters, and lobsters.

Since it was only part 1 of our lunch that day, we only ordered a dozen of oysters to share, a cup of clam chowder, and a cup of lobster bisque.

We started with some Big Rock oysters. It resembled Malpeques in their light body and mild flavour, but I disliked the super squishy texture. I like oysters with more plump meat…

Wianno oysters had better texture. The meat was slightly sweet with a salty finish.

Then we tried some Wellfleet oysters. Nice plump meat and the perfectly balanced creamy sweetness and brine made it my favourite.

Charles liked Contuit oysters. The meat was delicate with a unique sweet briny taste. I found Contuit to be lacking creamy sweetness I enjoy so much in oysters though.

Our last oyster, and the least favourite of all, was Naked Cowboy. Naked Cowboy oysters are harvested from The Long Island. We found the Naked Cowboy to have a very briny flavour with a bitter earthy finish. Not sure if it was just the two oysters we tried, but we just did not enjoy these!

We finished lunch No. 1 with some soup. My lobster bisque had little pieces of lobster inside but nothing substantial. It was creamy but lacked strong lobster sweetness in it. I was disappointed.

The clam chowder was much better. Apparently this clam chowder is served in Presidential Inaugurations since 1981. Its creaminess, abundance of clams, and strong sweet seafood flavour set this apart from other chowder we’ve had in Boston. This was our second favourite chowder.

Our quick lunch at Legal Sea Foods was pretty good. Given the limited items we’ve tried, it is hard to say whether I like this restaurant or not. The ambience and service was nothing exceptional, but the clam chowder is definitely worth a try.

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