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[Boston] Mike’s Pastry

Mike’s Pastry is one of the two contenders of Italian pastries in Boston’s “Little Italy”, the North End.

Situated right across from its biggest competition, Modern Pastry, on Hanover street, the line for Mike Pastry is always insanely long, usually stretching out of the door.

We tried a couple things from Mike’s Pastry, starting with their world renown cannoli.

First of all, Mike’s Pastry offers a wide variety of flavours for their cannoli. There are pictures of the cannoli variations in the store and they look so colourful! From the traditional ricotta cheese cannoli, Mike’s also has flavours like strawberry, oreo, or limoncello. In addition to the cannoli, the variety of biscotti, butter cookies, rum cakes, cream puffs, and other Italian pastries would please anyone with a sweet tooth.

We went for the traditional ricotta so that we could compare it against the ricotta cannoli from Modern Pastry.

The deep fried cannoli shell from Mike’s did have a very satisfying crunch to it but it tasted greaiser than Modern. The ricotta filling was sweet, creamy, and silky smooth. It was on the verge of being too sweet, but we also didn’t have a very high tolerance for sweets. 

The cannoli from Mike’s are also pre-filled. While the exterior shell was crunchy, the inside was getting a little soft because the filling was soaking in. I would not call the texture soggy but it was definitely not as crispy as it should be.

In terms of size, the cannoli from Mike’s was much bigger compare to Modern. The ricotta cream was filling and we almost could not finish it…

Our hotel in Boton was in the North End and we used Hanover St. to get to the transit everyday. We walked by Mike’s Pastry one morning and it was deserted! We quickly went in the store for our morning coffee fix and snap a few pictures.

Other than our coffee, I was stupid enough to order a whoopie pie and cream puff and we hated both of them! The chocolate cake part of the whoopie pie was dry and tasteless. The pastry of the cream puff was dry and tasted stale. The cream for both was just too sweet and greasy…

In our cannoli contest, Charles and I both prefer the delicate and sweet cannoli from Modern Pastry. I feel like Mike’s Pastry is overrated place swamped by tourists.

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  1. Anonymous
    August 26, 2012 at 7:33 am

    Mikes Is the worst pastry in in the North End is is loaded with grease and it lingers on
    the pallet with a after taste that last a very long time.Best bet is Morden Pastry accross
    the street excellant ,Excellant ,Excellant!!!

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