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[NYC] Yakitori Taisho

We went to Yakitori Taisho during our 2007 visit to NYC and it was our first time experiencing Japanese Izakaya style food.

We got to the restaurant shortly after it opened but there was already a huge crowd waiting to get in! I think we waited for about 15 minutes and then we were seated at the bar. It was totally worth the wait though!

We ordered a skewer set with pork, chicken, and chicken skin. The grilled chicken skin was unbelievably juicy and crispy. We loved it so much that we had to order another two skewers of chicken skins…

We also ordered tacoyaki and okonomiyaki. Both met our expectations, but not as good as the tacoyaki at Kenzo Ramen and the okonomiyaki at Okonomi House in Toronto. We were totally amused when the two guys beside us freaked out after seeing the bonito flakes moving on the hot tacoyaki and okonomiyaki. :D

We really liked the grilled squid. The squid tasted quite fresh and it wasn’t rubbery at all. The sweet tangy barbecue sauce really enhanced the flavour of the squid.

On a side note, we found St. Mark’s Comics after we left the restaurant. This comic bookstore was depicted in the Sex and the City and also briefly mentioned in one of the Friends episodes (The One with the Mugging)!

Yakitori Taisho
5 Saint Marks Pl
Yakitori Taisho on Urbanspoon

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