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[Entertainment District] Big Daddy’s

Charles and I went to Big Daddy’s Bourbon Street Bistro & Oyster Bar before our TSO concert.

We’ve always loved the New Orleans-inspired food at Big Daddy’s. Charles loves the jambalaya and I enjoy the selection of fresh seafood, ranging from oysters to different kinds of shell fish.

We went for the 3-course prix fixe dinner because they were such good deals! We learned that we could also pick any entrees from the regular dinner menu and add $7 to turn it into a 3-course dinner.

We had PEI mussels and calamari for as appetizers.

The PEI mussels were cooked in white wine garlic sauce and the diced celery gave it a nice tang. The white sauce had a creamy buttery flavour and I loved it. The mussels were plump and fresh. I didn’t really care for the grilled bread that came with the mussels as it was a little dry and bland.

The calamari was disappointing. It was not crispy at all and lacked flavour.

I *think* Charles went for the bronzed catfish. The catfish was seared perfectly –  tender, moist, and flaky. The house spice was flavourful but not too overpowering. The fish came with Jambalaya, which Charles loved. I found the jambalaya a bit too salty and lacked depths.

I chose Big Daddy’s Shellfish Boil as my entree. The shellfish boil was packed with pieces of lobster, snow crab, shrimp, mussels and crawfish. Apparently there were little chunks of chorizo sausage as well but I couldn’t really taste it. The base of the shellfish boil was very aromatic. I was pleasantly surprised to find the shellfish to be quite tender. I had the expectation that the shellfish boil may require some time to prepare and may end up with overcooked shellfish (because they are so delicate!), which was not the case. :) It was a shame that the seasoning was a little too salty, which masked natural seafood taste of the shellfish.

We had crème brûlée and bourbon street bread pudding for dessert. The crème brûlée was nothing special. The layer of caramelized sugar was shockingly thick and dense, not like the thin delicate hard caramel that I am used to. I was not impressed. I didn’t try the bread pudding but Charles said it was not memorable about it. :p

Overall, our dinner at Big Daddy’s was rather disappointing. The portion and price was great. The seared catfish was delicious, sweet, and flaky. The service was very efficient and courteous. Other than that, we both found the flavour too salty and overpowering. I think seafood is best served with simple seasoning so that we can enjoy the sweet seafood taste. I think next time we will just stick to the oysters. :)

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  1. PushDumpFatButton
    May 27, 2012 at 10:45 pm

    Reblogged this on Push Dump Fat Button.

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  3. May 29, 2012 at 12:00 pm

    I feel the same way about this place. It’ll get you full, but nothing too special.

    • May 29, 2012 at 8:06 pm

      Yeah I was very disappointed with the food last time. I guess my/our taste changed over time!

  4. Rick McVicar
    September 19, 2012 at 2:24 am

    I’ve been to Big Daddy’s half a dozen times in the last 5 months. I have to strongly disagree with your verdict. Cajun/Creole dishes are inherently salty. My friends and I are huge fans of this style of food and love their Voodoo hour specials! This is truly fresh and authentic New Orleans style dining in T.

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