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[North York] Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu

A bowl of hot soup is always heart and tummy warming on any chilly winter day. Andy and I went to Buk Chang Dong Soon Tofu on a cloudy windy day.

We arrived a little bit before noon on a Friday and the restaurant was already half full. People who arrived after 12:30 actually had to wait for their tables :p

Buk Chang Dong hasn’t really changed at all. It only serves a few menu items and it specializes in Soon Tofu, as the name suggests. We never had the chance to try the bibimbap or other non soon tofu items there. Andy ordered the seafood soon tofu and I ordered the combination soon tofu (beef, shrimps, and mussels), both medium spicy. While we waited for our soon tofu, we devoured some delicious-tasting appetizers: marinated soy beans, bean sprouts, spicy radish, and kimchi. The spicy radish had a nice tang to it and was very crunchy. The bean sprouts was refreshing. We both loved the marinated soy beans – packed with sweet flavour and was a little chewy in the centre. Andy did not like the kimchi too much but I did. It had a subtle sweetness. Buk Chang Dong was very generous with their appetizers – big portions and very quick with refills. We got at least 2-3 refills on each dish.

Our soon tofu arrived about 10 minutes after. I think everything was cooked to order so it usually takes a while, but it’s totally worth the wait. Each order of soon tofu comes with stone-cooked rice (calrose rice mixed with some purple rice and a red date). The waiter helped us scooped the rice into regular bowls and filled the hot stone bowls with water. Our soon tofu was still in a rolling boil when it came to our table. We cracked our eggs into it and gave it a good stir for some extra flavour.

Our soon tofu was very tasty, and full of tender silky tofu. It went very well with the nutty and sticky rice. I thought the broth could be a little bit more spicy though. Andy said the medium spicy is not always spicy enough and the spiciness always seems to lack consistency…

There were two Caucasian ladies sitting next to our table. The older lady was extremely demanding and annoying throughout the entire meal. When she was ordering her food, she clearly had no idea what kind of food this restaurant serves, nor did she know anything about Korean food. She was asking questions like whether the food contained MSG, what kind of ingredients were used, whether she could substitutes some of the less preferred ingredients with the ones she liked… I felt so bad for the waiter! Later on she started complaining about the metal chopsticks and demanded for some forks. When her food arrived, she seemed absolutely shocked that the soon tofu was “soupy” and was perplexed about WHY her food was soupy. She looked around, saw what we  and everyone else were eating, and said “Is everything here soupy?” I wonder if she just rolled out of bed that day and decided to go to Buk Chang Dong to try some exotic Korean food even though she knew squat about Korean food or what soon tofu really is…

We were both super full and pleasantly satisfied after we depleted our soon tofu. Andy went on to finish the rest of the rice in the stone bowl with our third round of appetizers. I am not too fond of the watery rice and have always failed to see why it is consumed that way. Oh well…

We both really liked our soon tofu and will definitely go back for more whenever we are craving for some hot soup and tofu.

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