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[North York] Lee Nam Jang

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One of the most memorable parts of my trip to Korea was the heartwarming delicious samgyetang (ginseng chicken soup) we had right after we got out of the airport. I was only 8 years old but I loved it!

I think many Korean restaurants in Toronto offers ginseng chicken soup now, but Lee Nam Jang is the first one we tried.

I was very excited to finally have ginseng chicken soup again, but the price was not so friendly…$16.95! Everything else on the menu was quite pricy as well. The seafood pancake was $19.95, Andy’s dolsot bibimbap was $10.95, and Charles’ bulgolgi was $15.95.

But the service at Lee Nam Jang was awesome. Very friendly and fast. The appetizers were absolutely delicious. We all loved the potato salad. Lee Nam Jang added thinly sliced pickled cucumber and carrots in the potato salad, which gave it a nice tangy flavour. The dressing was very creamy and had a rich egg yolk flavour. We got 3 refills after! The fish cakes were marinated with seasoned soy sauce (with minced garlic, scallion, and spicy peppers) and they were more flavourful than ordinary fish cakes. The cold tofu was also really good. The tofu was fresh and drizzled with the same seasoned soy sauce in the fish cakes. Too bad there was no refill on the tofu. :(

We all loved the seafood pancake. It was huge, tasty, moist, and filled with little oysters, shrimps, and scallion. I don’t usually eat scallion but it actually made the pancake pretty good. We loved how Lee Nam Jang added eggs on the pancake as well. We devoured the entire pancake and wanted more. It was totally worth the $20! The only complaint was that they could have made the bottom part of the pancake crispier.

Andy’s dolsot bibimbap was good, but nothing too special. I thought the stone bowl wasn’t hot enough to make the rice crispy.

Charles’ bulgolgi was also not too special. The beef was tender but the sauce was a bit sweeter than what we are used to.

I loved my ginseng chicken soup. The soup was filled with sweet ginseng flavour. I liked the sticky rice inside the chicken and ate it all. Chicken was a little dry, but who cares? I thought the soup made it worthwhile! We packed our leftover soup and it was still so delicious the next day.

After we finished eating everything, we realized that this restaurant actually specializes in oxtail soup and has major advertisement for that. No idea how we missed that, but I would definitely go back for more scrumptious seafood pancake and try some oxtail soup!

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