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[Aurora] Akita Sushi

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I thought the search for a good all-you-can-eat Japanese restaurant would end after we discovered Maple Sushi. Well, it didn’t. Charles has no loyalties when it comes to discounts, so when we received a flyer about Akita Sushi with a 10% discount coupon for its grand opening in Aurora, he dragged me there because he knew it would be cheaper than Maple Sushi.

Thanks to his persistance, we found a restaurant that we truly love. Sorry, Maple Sushi…

The interior of the restaurant is very cozy and clean. The service is very efficient and yet friendly!

I love all-you-can-eat because I love to have a little bit of everything. Akita Sushi offers a great variety of food, ranging from the standard sushi, maki, to more “a-la-carte” type food, such as katsu don.

Charles and I both love the sashimi here. The portion is great and the fish (we only tried salmon) is fresh and not stinky. I find that they put a little bit too much rice in the gunkanmaki, but I can’t really complain about quality all that much when it comes to all-you-can-eat places. I’d say that the quality here is still pretty decent.

We really like the maki here as well. They don’t overload the maki with rice, which seems to be the standard practice in a lot of the all-you-can-eat places. The ratio between the vinegared rice and other ingredients is balanced and allows you to enjoy the ingredients inside the rolls. I really love the akita roll (tempura shrimp & cucumber on the inside and topped with salmon, avocado, and spicy sauce) because every bite contains lots of creamy rich flavour and yummy seafood. The tempura hand roll is also really good because of the sweet tangy dressing inside the roll.

Charles and I both really love the Japanese fried rice and fried udon here. The downside of having these two is that they are really filling, but we just couldn’t resist them. They are both really flavourful and Akita is very generous with the ingredients inside.

The beef mushroom rolls are packed with flavour. Not a ton of enoki mushrooms in there but the overall flavour is good.

The teriyaki chicken on a skewer is our favourite item on the menu. The chicken is well-marinated with soy sauce and a little bit of ginger. It’s grilled but never overcooked. The chicken is very juicy and tasty. We always order seconds.

Charles loves the fried items here as well. The chicken and pork cutlets are lightly batter with panko and fried to a nice golden brown. Very crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside. They also offer curry chicken/pork, where the cutlets are drizzled with curry instead of tonkatsu sauce. I think the curry is a bit too watery and light compare to the Japanese curry I make at home.

The tempura shrimps are pretty good here. I think they can use a little less panko to make the tempura lighter, but it still tastes pretty decent. Charles loves them and eats them as if he doesn’t really have allergies to crustaceans…

After our first visit to Akita, we’ve been back twice. The service and the quality of food are consistent across our visit. Almost every aspect of Akita is superior to Maple Sushi. We really love this place and highly recommend it.

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  1. Josh
    September 13, 2012 at 5:15 pm

    Very nice place! Iv been there twice as well. But if you have not been to Annalisa’s sushi Restaurant in Aurora you have not lived. Atmosphere is cozy and elegant, they have a bar area and the food is AMAZING! It too is all you can eat, but you can also order single menue items. It is an Asian fusion offering all sorts of different dishes. Iv been the more times than I can count and quite a few times I have gone there multiple times in one week. The servers are fantastic and the owner is there serving every night. Check it out. Young St just south of Wellington beside the Public Library. Writing this made me hungry for sushi! Cheers!

    • September 16, 2012 at 6:50 pm

      I have to give Annalisa’s a try one day! Thanks for the recommendation :)

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