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[Thornhill] Lobster Royale

November 13, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

I love lobster. I love having it when I dine out. I also love cooking it at home. Steamed fresh lobster with a little bit of butter awesome!

I was super excited when we went to Lobster Royale, even though Charles is allergic to lobster…

The restaurant looks really dated inside, especially with the wallpaper and yellowish dim lighting. The service was really friendly and we were seated right away.

We both ordered the dinner entrees. Charles went with clam chowder and halibut steak. I chose lobster bique and 1 lb broiled lobster. I figured I can always steam lobster at home, but I can’t always broil it. The part where I have to cut a lobster in half seems too difficult and not worth the trouble.

I LOVE the lobster bisque. It was the best lobster bisque I have ever had. The bisque was very thick but silky smooth, with some little pieces of lobster meat inside. It was so creamy and rich in lobster flavour. The bisque was too die for.

I was really disappointed with the broiled lobster, however. The lobster was very fresh and the buttery bread crumbs made it really tasty. Unfortunately I found the lobster to be slightly overcooked and dry. It was a bit tough to chew. I was expecting something juicer and more tender.

Charles said his meal was mediocre. I don’t blame him. This place is famous for its lobster, not clam chowder or halibut steak.

Overall, this meal did not meet my expectation. I’ve had better lobster else where (even at home). Nevertheless, I was really really impressed with the lobster bisque. It was exquisite and I’d go back just for another bowl of that!

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