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Celebrating our anniversary at Rosewater is a tradition we are trying to make/keep.

We were so determined to finish installing our closet organizers on the weekend of our anniversary that I almost did not want to head downtown for our dinner.  I was glad that Charles forced me to put down the hammer and dragged us to Rosewater. It was such a fantastic dinner – great food, amazing service, lovely company, and also a very good break from installing closets!

Just like our anniversary dinner last year, we were greeted by the manager with two glasses of champagne as soon as we were seated. The hostess who seated us and our server also gave us warm smiles wishing us “Happy Anniversary.” I felt so special!

We started our dinner with seared scallops with risotto of baby spinach and parmesan twill. We loved the scallops. They were so fresh and cooked to perfection – a little crisp on the outside and so moist and tender on the inside. We could eat dozens more! The risotto was delicious. The rice was cooked al dente and every little piece of rice absorbed so much flavour from the broth. I have always loved the seafood at Rosewater and this appetizer is simply divine…

For our main course, I chose Surf and Surf (12 oz striploin and broiled half Nova Scotia lobster) and Charles went with Dry aged 14oz Provimi Veal T-bone. He had the herb and sea salt roasted fingerlings and I had the truffle butter baked potato as our sides.

The presentation of the main course was beautiful and the food was even better. Both veal and steak was very juicy and tender. My lobster was cooked just right and prepared so well that it was so effortless to eat. My only complaint was that I couldn’t really taste the truffle butter on my baked potato. Charles’ roasted fingerlings were very tasty. The potato skin was crispy and the potato was moist and flavourful.

We ended our dinner by sharing the Belgium Chocolate Molten Cake with burnt sugar ice cream. Rosewater wrote “Happy Anniversary” on our dessert plate with chocolate syrup, just like last year. The cake was warm and moist, filled with rich and silky bittersweet chocolate. It was perfect with a hot cup of tea. The burnt sugar ice cream was very intriguing, because it did taste like burnt sugar (probably just caramel flavouring?). It had a nice refreshing taste compare to the molten cake. I thought it was the prefect combination.

Rosewater never disappointed us. From our first visit as a “potential wedding venue” to our wedding, and now yearly celebration dinner, the service has been so attentive and courteous and the food has been succulent. I always feel so special when we dine at Rosewater and I look forward to celebrating other special occasions there. <3

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