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[Aurora] Orchid Thai

Thanks to my very good friend, Meagan, I discovered Orchid Thai while I was working in Newmarket. This is one of my favourite Thai restaurants. The food is delicious and service always courteous.

Charles’ parents visited us this weekend and instead of going for default dinner option, Japanese all-you-can-eat, his mom said she would like to try Thai! I was very excited to hear that and suggested to go to Orchid Thai because it’s only 10 minutes away from our new house.

I ordered the Thai spring rolls and shrimp rolls as appetizers. Not sure if everyone liked it but I did! I’ve always loved the spring rolls here. It’s always freshly fried and stuffed with simple and yet tasty vegetables. I love the flaky crispy wrap and it is delicious with shrimps, too.

One order of spring roll usually contains 4 pieces of spring rolls, based on numerous dining experiences I’ve had at Orchid Thai. We ended up receiving 5 pieces of spring rolls this time. I think it was because there were five of us and this gesture was greatly appreciated! I certainly did not want to share my spring roll. “Sharing means caring” means nothing when the food is this good. :)

I had originally ordered the dry beef curry for Andrew but we ended up sharing every dish. The dry beef curry was everyone’s favourite. The restaurant gave us 3 orders of complimentary jasmine rice and we depleted it all because of this curry. The creamy coconut flavour complimented the rich aroma of curry and it was simply devine. I could eat this all day!

This is the basil scallops. There was a generous amount of scallops in this dish and it went very well with the sweet basil flavour.

Charles ordered the spicy noodles because the menu says it’s cooked with a sweet basil sauce. Hmmm I love basil <3. The noodles were coated in sweet basil-y goodness… yum.

This was my favourite dish – seafood noodles.  The eggs they scrambled into the noodles made them a bit gooey, which absorbed tons of yummy sweet and spicy flavour. I noticed that the seafood ingredients were different from what I previously had. Instead of imitation crab meat, it actually had a few pieces of mussels in it this time! I suppose they just use whatever seafood ingredients they have on hand and I didn’t mind this change at all.

This meal came to $100 including tax and gratuities. I love the food, and love the service even more. We didn’t get charged for the extra spring roll and all these nice things the restaurant throws in for us (and on every occasion!) always make the dining experience here more enjoyable.

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