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[North York] Agra Fine Indian Cuisine

Charles and I felt adventurous one night and decided to try a new Indian restaurant for dinner. I had spoken to a colleague of mine about Indian food earlier that day, which made me crave for some delicious naan and succulent butter chicken for the rest of the day. I was glad that Charles was onboard about having Indian for dinner.

We walked to Agra Fine Indian Cuisine because I found a “15 dollar off 40 dollar meal” coupon on their website. :)

We were first a little hesitant to walk into the restaurant because it was relatively empty at dinner time. The friendly server greeted us and seated us right away. While we were looking at the menu, several Indian gentlemen stopped by to pick up their takeout orders. I figured if this place was good enough for them, it should be good enough for us.

The waiter brought us some complimentary appetizer while we waited for our food to arrive. The thin, crisp, and flavourful flatbread was delicious. I topped it with some pickled carrots (not sure if it was the right way to eat this, but oh well…) and it tasted very refreshing. We had to ask the waiter what the flatbread was called he told us it was called “papadum.” We looked it up on my iPhone and I couldn’t believe this delicious appetizer is made from simple ingredients like lentils, chickpeas, and rice! We loved it and finished the entire basket of it…

Then our samosas and chicken pakoras arrived. The samosas were massive! I think they were almost twice as big as the other samosas we’ve had. The samosas were flaky and filled with very flavourful stuffing. We both really liked them. It was our first time having chicken pakoras and it was scrumptious. The chicken was juicy and full of flavours and the batter was thin and crispy.

We ordered some tandoori chicken and lamb tikka for our entrée. They served both on sizzling plates and they smelled delicious from the moment they left the kitchen. I was a little disappointed at the lamb because it was a little dry. It was still very flavourful nonetheless. The tandoori chicken was good. Very juicy on the drumstick, but slightly dryer on the thigh. However, considered that it was skinless chicken, it was done quite well!

We loved the butter chicken. It was served fondue style and the butter chicken sauce was slowly bubbling away, filled the room with its amazing aroma. The sauce was very creamy, sweet, and mellow. It was too bad that they used chicken breasts. It would be so much more tender and juicier if it were made with chicken thigh meat. Charles still loved it and ended up eating most of the meat. I was quite happy having the sauce with their fluffy and flaky naan!

It was a very satisfying meal. I couldn’t believe that Charles was able to eat everything. The bill came to be around $27 because we had a coupon. Otherwise I thought it was a bit pricy.

We went back to the restaurant two days later for some take-out to feed our brothers. We ordered some samosas and chicken pakoras for appetizers. Our entrée was the Agra Palace Dinner for two, which included 2 pieces of tandoori chicken, 2 reshmi kabob, 2 jumbo prawns, a serving of lamb Kodai Gosht, vegetables of the day (we got chickpeas), pulao rice and naan bread. And of course, an order of butter chicken to complete the meal.

The tandoori chicken was succulent. Super juicy and flavourful. Both the reshmi kabob and prawns were a bit dry but full of flavourful spices. We all liked the lamb kodai gosht, which was simmered in a aromatic yogurt/masala sauce. The lamb was tender and didn’t have an overwhelming musky flavour. The chickpeas was cooked in a curry-based sauce and was very tasty.

While we waited for our takeout, the server came and apologized for a few times for the delay. He even gave us a basket of papadum to snack on. The service at Agra is very courteous and made us very comfortable there. The restaurant was also packed and lots of people were waiting to be seated. Agra has become our favourite Indian restaurant and we will definitely go back for some delicious butter chicken and naan!

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