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[North York] Aoyama Sushi

We went to Aoyama Sushi to celebrate Charles’ dad’s birthday. I’ve been meaning to try this Japanese-owned and operated restaurant for a while and I was really excited to bring his parents there.

The restaurant turned out to be a little gem in Scarborough and we were all very happy with the food.

We started with the maguro no tataki. The tuna is thinly sliced and slightly seared on the edges. The tuna tasted very fresh and went well with the tangy sauce.

We ordered the sashimi platter (for 2-3 people) to share among the four of us. The presentation of the platter was great! There was a good variety of sashimi, some of it we’ve never seen before. I had to ask the waitress to tell us the name of the fish because we couldn’t figure it out by tasting it.

In addition to the common and recognizable sashimi, such as red tuna, amaebi (sweet shrimp), salmon, uni (sea urchin), scallops, there was hamachi (yellowtail), white tuna (albacore), saba (mackerel), and hirame (halibut). The waitress said the mackerel was from Japan! :)

I am not a huge fan of sashimi but I really liked the scallop and amaebi sashimi. Both were very fresh and sweet. I also tried the halibut sashimi and I liked the creamy and yet light taste of it. Charles’ parents loved all the sashimi, especially the sea urchin. They said it was very creamy and sweet. I was a little hesitant but ended up trying a tiny piece of it. I’ve only had sea urchin once in Tokyo and couldn’t get used to the flavour. The sea urchin at Aoyama was very creamy indeed, but was still too fishy for me. I guess I haven’t acquired a taste for sea urchin yet…

I ordered some deep fried oysters. The oysters were fresh and tasty, but I think they batter was a bit too dense and the oysters were slightly overcooked. I prefer the deep fried oysters at Ematei…

I had originally order the unagi don because I read online that it was double-layered! Shortly after we placed our order, the waiter came back and apologized to us about their malfunctioning rice cooker. He said they wouldn’t be able to cook fresh rice so it wouldn’t be possible for us to get the unagi don. We had to go with the unagi alone but it turned out to be very very tasty! The unagi  was saturated in a sweet sauce and it was very delicious. The layer of fat beneath the fish meat made the eel very succulent and tender. I was never a huge fan of unagi but I loved what I tasted!

The grilled black cod was delicious as well. The cod was lightly seasoned and grilled. The fish was flaky and juicy. We all wished that the portion was bigger!

We ended our meal with the spider roll. The spider roll was very big and long! I saw the chef making two rolls and putting both of them on the plate. We really enjoyed the spider roll. The sushi rice was cooked and seasoned to perfection. I think this was definitely worth it, given that  the roll was completely stuffed with crispy and succulent soft-shell crabs.

We told the waiter that it was Charles’ dad’s birthday and they gave his dad a scoop of green tea ice cream with a little candle on it. They also gave him a nice “made in Japan” mug and his dad was very happy about it.

We definitely enjoyed our meal at Aoyama. The waiters were very courteous. They made sure that we always had tea and that everything was okay in spite of how busy they were. I’d like to go back to try the Omakase and have more grilled cod!

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  1. August 8, 2011 at 10:33 am

    I could totally dive into that huge plate of sashimi right now… yummm!

    • August 8, 2011 at 5:08 pm

      This place is great for sashimi lovers!

  2. August 12, 2011 at 6:20 pm

    Agreed! I also reviewed Aoyama on my blog :)

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