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[Entertainment District] Khao San Road

We had originally planned to go to Big Daddy’s for dinner before catching The Railway Children. We had to abort the plan because the restaurant was fully booked. I turned to Urbanspoon to search for alternate plan and decided to go to Khao San Road (KSRd) instead. This restaurant is listed as one of the “Talk of the Town” restaurants on Urbanspoon.

The friendly KSRd staff explained that they don’t really take reservations when I called. He told us to arrive either before 6 or after 9 if we want to avoid waiting. We got to the restaurant shortly after 5 and was seated right away.

The decor was very simple and cozy. The restaurant filled up fairly quickly after we sat down and we were super excited to taste everything.

We don’t normally order drinks when we dine out, but I ordered the Thai iced tea because everyone seems to be ordering it. It kind of tasted like Hong Kong style milk tea, but without the strong and bitter tea flavour. It was very creamy and sweet and we both really liked it!

Three iced teas ready to be dispatched ;)

We ordered the Po Pia Pak Sod Gai Yaw (spring rolls with chicken sausage) as our appetizer. The wrap was very fresh. Sometimes when we order the non-fried spring rolls, the wraps can be rather dry because they’ve been sitting out for too long. The wraps at KSRd were freshly made and were very moist! The chicken sausage was very tasty and blended perfectly with crisp lettuce and carrots. The sweet tangy tamarind garlic sauce was also different than the sweet chili pepper or fish sauce that most Thai restaurants typically default to. We both really liked the rolls and Charles ended up eating most of them, despite the fact that they were filled with vegetables. :p

We saw lots of people ordering the deep-fried squash fritter… It looked so yummy. We will order it for sure next time!

I ordered the Khao Soi with braised beef for Charles and Pad Thai ((Sam Roas) for myself.

The Khao Soi was not at all what we expected, but we were pleasantly surprised. We didn’t expect it to be in “curry noodle soup” form. The coconut curry soup base very so creamy and flavourful. The “egg noodles” were also different from our expectation. We were totally expecting Cantonese-style egg noodles, but the actual noodles were flat like the rice noodles used in Pad Thai but more chewy in texture. The noodles had absorbed the flavour of the soup and were very delicious! There was also a generous amount of braised beef in the Khao Soi and the meat was tender and tasty. We were very impressed with this dish.

My Pad Thai was also different from what I normally have in other Thai restaurants. The Pad Thai was sweeter and not as sour as the Pad Thai I’ve had elsewhere. The noodles were cooked perfectly – flavourful and not soggy. I have to say that it was the best Pad Thai I’ve had. I also loved the 6 giant shrimps (yes, I counted them!) I had in the Pad Thai. They were cooked just right and were coated with the delicious Pad Thai sauce.

We were both too full to order any dessert. I really wanted to have the Sa Koo Ma Prao (small tapioca in coconut milk) but didn’t want to stuff myself too much before the show.

Overall, the food certainly exceeded our expectations and the price was very fair consider the quality of the food! KSRd is definitely my new favourite restaurant and I can’t wait to go back! I would love to try the squash fritter and curry next time.

One minor complaint though. I did inform the waiter about my allergies and requested to have no peanuts in anything. I still ended up getting the spring roll dipping sauce garnished with crushed peanuts…

Khao San Road on Urbanspoon

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