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[Woodbridge] Koganei

I went to Koganei Japanese one day for lunch. I figured it was only fair to reward myself once in a while, especially when I spent most of my lunch hours driving and eating in the car.

Koganei offers a wide variety of menu items, ranging from sashimi to robata grilled seafood and meat.

I decided to order one of the business lunch combos. All lunch combos come with a salad, miso soup, and dessert. The combo I ordered came with two spicy tuna handrolls, six spicy salmon rolls, and four Koganei rolls (with tempura shrimps inside.

The handrolls were decent. The nori was getting a bit moist, but the tuna was quite tasty. The spicy mayo mixed with bits of tempura batter also gave the handroll a nice crunch. The downside was that there didn’t seem to be much tuna in the roll!

I tried the Koganei roll after I finished the two handrolls, and quickly realized this restaurant’s obsession of using tempura batter. Each piece of Koganei roll came with a big chunk of tempura batter mixed with some sort of mayo and fish roe. The sushi rice was only mediocre because all the rice looked mushed together. The only thing worth mentioning was the size of the tempura shrimp in the rolls.

I was too full to eat any of the spicy salmon rolls, so I packed it home for Charles. I took a bite of it at dinner and it was completely filled with tempura batter bits and I could hardly taste the salmon!

This is definitely not a restaurant I would go back to…

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