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[North York] Inakaya

Charles and I went to Inakaya for our one-year engagement anniversary. Well, the anniversary was just an excuse to try something new and slightly more expensive…

I read somewhere online that the restaurant was korean owned, but operated by Japanese chefs. I guess that’s always important when it comes to the quality and authenticity of the food!

We ordered Toro! I think it was pricy, but totally worth it! The distribution of fat in the tuna created a very rich flavour!

We ordered the starter sushi for no apparent reason. The order was was a bit too small for us, but I like the sushi rice. :p

And then we ordered shrimp tampura. I think it was… good. I honestly can’t remember.

The grilled beef tongue was awesome! It was super juicy and tender. The portion was quite generous as well.

The volcano beef roll is a must-try. I saw a picture of it online and that’s basically the reason why I wanted to come here. It was very visually entertaining to have it on our table. The sushi roll sat on a sheet of tin foil with some kind of salt surrounding it. I assumed that the blazing flame helped to cook the beef on top of the sushi. The flamed died fairly quickly though. The beef was very juicy and went surprisingly well with the sushi rice. There was some sort of barbecue sauce in the sushi that complimented the beef.

I loved the oyster handroll. The oyster was very juicy and fresh. The server was also very attentive, delivering the handroll as soon as it was made. The nori was still crisp!

We also order this beef dish and we got to cook it right on our table. We’ve done table cooking before, but never in a Japanese restaurant. It was quite fun! Too bad that we accidentally overcooked some pieces of beef. :(

It is always fun to try something new. The service was very good at Inakaya. I also have to give credit to the creativity of the volcano beef roll!

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