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[Scarborough] Le Cafe Michi

Father’s Day was the perfect excuse for us to bring Charles’ family to Le Cafe Michi.

It was my first time to dine in a “non-buffet” style Japanese restaurant in Scarborough. I was always under the impression that downtown Toronto is the place to go for authentic Japanese cuisine, but it turned out that I may be wrong all this time…

The primary reason of going to Le Cafe Michi was to try their famous chirashi don. Charles’ parents had been asking us to take them to a Japanese restaurant that serves uni (sea urchin) and I figured trying the chirashi don would satisfy their craving for uni, as well as give them the opportunity to try some “high quality” Japanese food for a change.Le Cafe Michi is located in this sketchy-looking strip mall in Scarborough. It looked so shady from outside. Thank goodness, the interior of the restaurant was very clean, cozy, and bright.

They also sell purses inside those refrigerators. lol

We ordered 3 Cafe au lait chirashi. Charles’ parents love unagi don. Based on the photos I found online, the sashimi part of the Cafe au lait chirashi is served on a bed of rice filled with unagi and tamago! It seemed to be the perfect dish for them to try.

The restaurant was full by the time we arrived. There was only one sushi chef working at the sushi bar. I supposed that’s why we waited for so long for our food. The servers were courteous enough to give us free appetizers while we wait.

I ordered sukiyaki for myself and I loved it. The beef was quite tender and tasty, and so was the tofu! I actually liked it more than the sukiyaki I had at Ematei.

Andrew ordered the Chyo-chin bento. The presentation of the bento was very unique. Andrew said the deep fried chicken was great – lightly breaded, juicy, and well-marinated.

It took us forever to get our cafe au lait chirashi, and it turned out that the restaurant took the wrong order! We ended up getting three orders of the San-shoku chirashi… Our waitress was going to tell the sushi chef to re-make our chirashi, but decided to give us the unagi and uni that usually come with cafe au lait chirashi on the side. She positioned it so that it sounded like we were getting the fish roes that only come with San-shoku chirashi for free. Charles’ parents couldn’t care less, so I went with it.

Other than that little glitch, I thought the chirashi looked great! Charles and his parents got to try squid, octopus, and scallop sashimi for the first time and they loved it. It’s also noteworthy that the wasabi was freshly grated, instead of the powdery pasty stuff we usually get.

Our entrees also came with desserts. There was a good selection of cake to choose from. I didn’t care much for the cake, but Charles’ mom loved the sake cake.

I think I would definitely go back to Le Cafe Michi, hopefully to try the Cafe au lait chirashi…

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